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University College (UC) provides central leadership to coordinate several key areas of undergraduate programs and services. University College is comprised of seven different offices whose main goal is to support the success of each current and future OSU student.
While specific UC programs and services are located in various locations, the main office is able to connect you with the appropriate UC program for your specific needs. 

UC Main Office
M-F: 8-5 PM
040 Student Union
(405) 744-1389
First Day


Office of Concurrent Programming and Advisement

The Office of Concurrent Programming and Advisement ensures the academic needs of high school students enrolled in OSU concurrent programs are met. Additionally services are available to assist high school administrators and counselors considering the addition of OSU concurrent programming for their students. 

LASSO Center

The LASSO Center supports student success through free resources including academic tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Academic Success Coaching. These resources empower students to take an active role in their learning experience and foster the development of critical thinking, active learning and increased self-awareness.

Pre-Professional Academic Support Services

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Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research

The Office of Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research provides enhanced academic opportunities and promotes student development through scholarship and fellowship success, undergraduate research, and international experience.

Student Veteran Success

The Office of Student Veteran Success is here to aid and enhance individual and academic success for Veterans, Active Duty Military, Reservists, National Guardsman and their families to be successful during their time here at Oklahoma State University. 

Transfer Student Success

The Office of Transfer Student Success is committed to your success as a member of the #CowboyFamily. We offer a wide range of services to assist you while you transition to OSU and through graduation. 

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